Those of you who treat routing to the root DNS servers in a special way, can you please verify that you treat the routing to (the Netnod (Autonomica) server administrated from Stockholm) the way you intend.

IPv4 Prefix:
IPv6 Prefix: 2001:7fe::53/33
Originating AS: 29216

NOTE: This prefix is anycast from several locations on the net (for a current list, see the front page), but in all cases, the originating AS should be 29216.

For peering information, see public peering records for AS8674, which is Netnod's public AS, and which is publishing AS29216 at all public peering points.

The source AS was changed in October 2003, but we suspect that the change from the old AS (8674) hasn't quite been communicated to all dark corners of the net. Please help us convey that information.

Best regards,

Lars-Johan Liman
Operations Manager @

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